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Owner/Lead Designer

Kaitlyn was born and raised right outside of Pittsburgh spending her childhood summers making bouquets out of the roadside brush and wild flowers. It never occurred to her that working with flowers could be a career, until early adulthood, where she was presented the opportunity to attend Bidwell Training Centers Horticulture Technology Program. After graduating top of her class, Kaitlyn worked in the horticulture industry doing various odds and ends jobs, until opening Steel City Florals in 2018 at 22 years old. Utilizing her horticulture knowledge and creative mind to design, forage and grow the plant material for your special days, SCF quickly gained popularity and stood out from the typical floral shop. Kaitlyn loves all flowers but particularly favors designing by taking cues from mother nature and also creating out-of-the-box, statement pieces. Aside from owning Steel City Florals, Kaitlyn works full time as a Horticultural Instructor at her alma mater, Bidwell Training Center and also teaches adult floral education classes at Phipps Conservatory. In the little off-time she has, she loves gardening, riding her bike, reading books, nature walks, and hanging with her cats.

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